Can a father take a child out of state with out the mothers permission?

Answer This varies from state to state. In most cases if a parent has Sole Custody, then yes.In most cases if a parent has Joint Custody, and is during visitation, then yes unless the terms of custody pro... Read More »

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Can a grandparent take their grandchild out of state with only the mothers permission even she shares joint custody with the child's father?

No. The father must be informed and given the opportunity to object.

Can a mother take a child across state lines without father's permission in the State of Florida and the father is no where to be found?

Yes. However, if there is a father around, he can file an injunction for the child to be returned.

Do you need the father's permission to take child out of state?

My ex has taken my child out of state without my knowledge. I'm not sure if he needed my permission or not, although it would've been nice if he had been considerate enough to ask or even to let me... Read More »

Can a father take child out of state without mothers consent?

Provided it is just for a trio or vacation, and not a permanent move, then possibly yes. In other circumstances no. It depends a lot on marital status, legal custody, and any existing court orders.... Read More »