Can a father take a child from her mother without legal notice?

Answer AnswerNo, there must be a court order that gives sole custody to the father. If the mother has full custody, it is called kidnapping.

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If there is not a court order for sole custody of a child and the mother is behind in child support can the father take the child out of the US without permission from the mother or the court?

Answer Obtaining a passport for a minor in the US requires both parents. You'd would have to get a court order giving you custody. More Conributor Opinions Being granted sole legal custody does n... Read More »

Can a mother take a child from Pennsylvania to Illinois without informing the father if there is no custodial order in place but only a verbal agreement between the parents to not move the child?

Answer When there is no custodial order the law generally presumes that both parents have equal rights to a child or children.However, the court will usually recognize verbal agreements between pa... Read More »

Is it legal for a 17-year-old mother to go and live with the father of her child without parental approval?

Answer Please post the State you live in and I can help you with this question. Each State has different laws.Marcy Answer washington Answer The state of residecy is actually irrelevant. The age o... Read More »

How can an unmarried mother get her child returned to her after the biological father not a legal father refuses to return the child to her mother after a visit?