Can a father get weekends if he works nightclubs?

Answer to go oceana you need to be 13-18

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Does a 17-year-old have to spend weekends with their father during college because of custody?

Answer Yes.It is the legal responsibility of the obligated parent, but as long as the terms of the support order are met the court will not intervene.

What if i have no idea who my baby's father is, can i still qualify for cal works?

lolClose legs next time. Or at least ask the guy what his name is before he violates you.

What or which Houston nightclubs are close to the London nightclubs?

No Houston bar will be close to London England. Houston is in North America and London is in Europe.

MY father in law has a Toshiba 55" net tv. The volome and power button works when in tv mode, but no channels ?

unplug tv for a minute then plug it.....if it is no ok now...there is trouble on control toshiba service .