Can a father be denied visitation if he is behind on child support?

Answer Answer it all depends on state that you live in, however, a father has a right to see his children despite his history of child support payments. the mother cannot legally refuse to allow the fathe... Read More »

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Can you be denied seeing your child when you are paying child's support and have visitation rights?

Not legally. If this happens, file a motion in court to compel the other parent to honor the visitation order.

If the father does not pay child support do you still need to give him visitation rights?

Answer Depends on your state, but courts say child support and visitation are two totally different subjects and are not considered together. Father has visitation rights irrespective of whether o... Read More »

Does the father have visitation rights just because he pays child support?

has a right to visitation but you also have the right to file an order modification. If you really aren't hurting for support money, have him terminate his rights now. That's one less step you'll h... Read More »

Can a father lose visitation rights by not paying child support?

No. A father can only lose visitation rights if those rights are terminated by the courts. He can be called into court for non-payment, but even this is not typically grounds enough for termination... Read More »