Can a eleven year old be left in care of two eight year old children?

Answer It depends on what state you live in and the states laws on the appropriate 'babysitting' age. You also may want to consider the overall maturity of the eleven year old.

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Can an eleven year old be left to watch a ten year old and a six year old sibling in Washington state?

She has an older brother Sean and an older sister Rebecca and a younger brother Zachary

Can an eleven year old have children?

If they have started their period, then physically yes, otherwise no. An 11-year-old child is too young emotionally to cope with giving birth and although physically able if started her periods, is... Read More »

If a 17 year old guy got a 14 year old girl pregnant and the parents don't care will the 17 year old boy get in trouble?

No, because he is not overage. If he was 18 it would be considered statitory rape whether the female gave permission to have sex or not. ****If you live in the US… It's a common misconception tha... Read More »

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