Can a dryer vent pipe run by a water heater?

Answer On One Hand: Condensation Issues Will Likely ResultIf the dryer vent pipe runs by a water heater, it may pick up condensation from the hot water heater. Condensation inside the dryer vent will make... Read More »

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Why is there an air gap in the vent pipe above a gas water heater?

It actually does two things. It acts as a draft diverter. during windy times, sometimes gusts can blow down through the exhaust piping. When this happens, the gust will go out the opening and no... Read More »

Can a dryer vent run next to a water heater?

On One Hand: Putting a Dryer Vent Next to a Water HeaterA dryer vent is a useful and modern device that accelerates the drying process of clothes. It uses a rather complex system, which is tremendo... Read More »

Can I put insulation around the vent pipe on a hot water heater?

If you want to enclose the vent pipe you should replace it with B-vent. B-vent is a double wall vent pipe that is meant to be ran in concealed areas.B-vent requires less clearance but I suggest you... Read More »

How to Install a Water Heater Vent Pipe?

The vent pipe on a water heater carries off noxious fumes generated by the burning of natural gas in gas water heaters. The fumes rise naturally, are funneled through a vent hood and into a ductwor... Read More »