Can a drug overdose cause memory loss?

Answer Abusing drugs that have no therapeutic benefit can easily result in a drug overdose. Prescribed medications also can be abused and cause an overdose. Many drugs are addictive, although the dependen... Read More »

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Does the drug crestor cause hair loss?

On One Hand: Hair Loss Is Not A Known Side EffectCrestor, a member of the drug family known as Statins, is prescribed to reduce the LDL cholesterol levels within the body. While Crestor and the oth... Read More »

Can Lipitor cause memory loss?

According to doctors, including those at the Mayo Clinic, no link has been scientifically discovered between statins, including Lipitor, and memory loss. Pfizer, the maker of Lipitor, claims that, ... Read More »

Can progestin cause memory loss?

On One Hand: There's No Direct ConnectionMemory loss is not one of the side effects directly associated with progestin, a medication used to regulate hormonal issues and as birth control, according... Read More »

Can concussions cause memory loss?

Yes. Not remembering what happened to cause a concussion is very common and not remembering what happened at the hospital is also common if it was a more serious concussion. In the long term it can... Read More »