Can a dog spread rabies after vaccination?

Answer A dog can still spread rabies after a vaccination. There have been rare cases in which the shot fails, then the dog is exposed and begins to exhibit symptoms. If an individual shows no symptoms for... Read More »

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Rabies Vaccination Costs?

Rabies is a deadly virus transmitted when an infected animal bites another animal or human. In the United States, it's illegal to own a dog that hasn't been vaccinated. Fortunately, canine rabies v... Read More »

Where do you give a rabies vaccination to a dog?

On One Hand: Intramuscular InjectionRabies vaccinations should be injected intramuscularly, or directly into the muscle of a dog. The proper site for a rabies vaccine is the dog's hip, directly nex... Read More »

Rabies Vaccination Requirements?

While the rabies virus is rarely contracted in the United States, it is still of the utmost importance to have your pets vaccinated for this deadly disease. It is the strict regulations set forth b... Read More »

How long does a rabies vaccination protect a dog?

The length of time that a rabies vaccine is considered effective depends on the particular type of vaccine received. There are two types of rabies vaccines for dogs. The "one-year" rabies vaccine p... Read More »