Can a dog go into labor a week early?

Answer yes

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25 weeks pregnant and having signs of labor will you go into labor early?

Ask your doctor. i lost my son at 26 weeks due to water breaking, your child will NOT live if born this early!

How early can you go into labor and the baby still be healthy?

Answer They say as early as 19 weeks, although I think the average is 22 or so. 28 weeks a baby has a high chance of living but healthy depends at 19 weeks their is almost no chance of survival, s... Read More »

What are good signs that you will go into labor in a week?

It is very hard to predict exactly when you will go into labor, but a few signs that labor is coming soon are: * Loss of your mucous plug* The baby drops* Braxton hicks contractions become stronger... Read More »

I'm 34 weeks and ive had 2 fetal fibernection test both positive will you go into labor early?

Answer I had a positive fetal fibronectin at 32 weeks. What the doctors told me is that this test is much more helpful if the result is negative. If it comes back negative, there is like a 95% cha... Read More »