Can a dog get the flu from a human?

Answer On One Hand: Humans cannot transmit germs to dogs."The American Journal of Epidemiology" printed a study conducted at the School of Veterinary Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania by J.D. To... Read More »

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Is the female human ear different from the male human ear?

The female human ear is not genetically different from the male human ear. The only differences are that male ears are generally larger and have more hair around the lobes. Female ears are generall... Read More »

Can the bird flu be transmitted from human to human?

Avian influenza, or "bird flu,, is a contagious disease that is caused by a form of influenza virus that typically infects birds and sometimes pigs. The World Health Organization says a few cases o... Read More »

Can a dog get an ear infection from a human?

No a dog can't get a ar infection from a human. Humans can't catch ear infections from other humans either because ear infections are from yeast. Yeast forms when you have a moist warm environment ... Read More »

How a Disease Can Transfer from a Cat to a Human?

Cats can carry a variety of species-specific diseases, but they can also carry diseases that may be transferred to humans. While you may not get the cat flu, there is a possibility of getting other... Read More »