Can a dog get pregnant while nursing?

Answer A female dog will not usually get pregnant while she is nursing. However, she can become pregnant again soon after giving birth to a litter, since she may go into heat again when her puppies are as... Read More »

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How do you get pregnant while nursing?

Most nursing mothers experience lactational amenorrhea, or a delay in their return to fertility. According to La Leche League, pregnancy is highly unlikely in the first six months as long as your m... Read More »

I have a good question about nursing when pregnant?

I had to educate my post-partum nurse on this one!When I had #3 while #2 was still nursing and my nurse came in to do the official 'breastfeeding talk'. She stopped while explaining about the milk... Read More »

Are their any antidepressants that can be safely taken by a pregnant or nursing woman?

There are several class B antidepressants, Wellbutrin comes to mind. The other issue at hand is that sometimes the benefits outweigh the risks. Is the mother so depressed that she's not eating, ... Read More »

Can a woman not pregnant or nursing produce breast milk?

Answer Yes. It is easier for a woman who has had a baby to produce milk later but it has been known for women who have never been pregnant to breastfeed an adopted baby.However if you are not try... Read More »