Can a dog get pregnant after she has been spayed?

Answer In the course of spay surgery, also known as an ovariohysterectomy, veterinarians remove the entire canine female reproductive tract. Since the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries are no longer pre... Read More »

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Can a female dog get pregnant if she was in heat when she was spayed?

Spaying a female dog involves the removal of the uterus. If a dog is in heat at the time of the surgery. they are not likely to be pregnant yet. But removal of the uterus will also remove any chanc... Read More »

How to Care for Your Dog After Being Neutered or Spayed?

It's hard at first when a dog or cat comes home after being neutered or spayed. Here are some ways to help your furry friend get back to its old self.

Help...I have been taking Klonopin for 4 years now after a nervous breakdown and panic attacks. Now I'm pregnant. I'm 11 weeks.?

I posted this question and just wanted to explain my situation more. I only took klonapin as needed with me i would only take half of one if needed. A months supply lasts me for sometimes 3-4 month... Read More »

If you believe you might be pregnant but its only been two weeks after having unprotected sex and you are taking anitbotics for an infection could that harm the child?

Answer If you think you may be pregnant, no matter how early it is, you should stop taking the anti biotics srtaight away and contact your doctor to discuss the situation with them as soon as you ... Read More »