Can a docx file be converted to a text file?

Answer A .docx (Microsoft Word) file can be converted to a text (.txt) file. Save the file as a "plain text" document. There will be two files with the same name but two different file types. The file can... Read More »

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How do i convert a docx file to a text file?

Launch Microsoft Word and open the .docx file that you want to convert. Click the Office button and select "Save File As." Scroll down to "Plain Text" in the "Save As Type" drop-down menu and click... Read More »

I converted a file from pdf to doc but i cannot edit it. the doc file appears to be in a "box".?

You probably will need a PDF converter that will allow you to edit the converted file.

Can an M4P file be converted into an MP3 file?

Yes, an M4P can be converted to an unprotected MP3 file, but not without a software program called a converter. Wondershare's Music Converter is just one of many found online. You can purchase the ... Read More »

How to Convert a Text File Into a Computer Read Audio File?

Having a computer convert text to an audio file is useful for the visual impaired, the illiterate, people with learning disabilities, those learning a new language, and students of just about every... Read More »