Can a doctor tell if you're pregnant with an internal exam?

Answer Yes, a doctor can tell if you're pregnant with an internal exam. This exam is called a pelvic exam. The doctor measures the size and shape of your uterus to determine how far along you are.Source:F... Read More »

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You are 39 weeks pregnant and had an exam done today The doctor said you were 3 cm dilated. It has been over 4 hours and you are still bleeding What should you do?

18 months if you are already a registered nurse or 3 years direct entry.

Can a doctor tell your parents that you are pregnant if you are 14?

Doctors are not aloud to tell anything to anyone that you dont want them to tell. It is confidential!A doctor could be sued for removing a splinter from a 14-year-old's finger without the parent's ... Read More »

What does it mean when your boyfriend has a dream that youre pregnant with twins?

Are you able to tell how pregnant you are by symptoms without going to the doctor yet?

Answer Give your child a chance at life...Go see a doctor. No you can not tell how far you are or if the baby is healthy.From: somebodies father.