Can a doctor tell if i've...?

Answer No, there's no way for a doctor to know that, and even if she did that's not information she would share with your parents. Plus, if you're just getting a physical that shouldn't include a gynecolo... Read More »

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Can the doctor tell if i smoke?

A doctor can tell from smelling it on a patient, but he may think that the person might live with or be around a smoker. If he is perceptive, he may smell it on your breath. An x-ray or scan will s... Read More »

Can a doctor tell if you are smoking?

On One Hand: It's ObviousFor most smokers, it's difficult to hide the fact that one smokes cigarettes. The smell is very distinct and sticks to clothing, hair and skin. Beyond that, the physical ef... Read More »

Can a doctor tell the cops if you smoke pot?

definitly not. last time i was at the doctor's he asked about my drug intake. I tried to be all intellectual and said "well I do enjoy smoking marijuana from time to time" and he just nodded and I ... Read More »

Can a doctor tell if you are sexually active?

Answer if your a female O YES! well he cant tell without doing a pap test so without one of those he cant, im not sure if they can tell on males seeing is how nothing about a males body changes af... Read More »