Can a doctor look at a 11 years vagina?

Answer yes doctors do look at the "private parts" of even 11 year olds... it is part of a normal wellness exam (child physical). And what they are looking for is normal development and making sure there... Read More »

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I am 12 years old and i think i have a yeast infection but i am to scared to say it to my mum or go to the doctor as my doctor is a man and if he wants to check or talk about my vagina?

Yeast infections should not go untreated as it could do damage to your reproductive tract. It may be embarrassing to you but both your mom and your doctor have your best interest in mind. Yeast in... Read More »

Does the vagina of a virgin look different from the vagina of someone whos not a virgin?

You have to know the the pictures on Google are not TOO accurate, and everyone is a little different. The little bag thing is your clitoris, which was probably just a messy sketch and is really sup... Read More »

Is it ethical to have a doctor stitch up my daughter's vagina until she's 25?

As a non accredited vagina doctor, what is your most unusual case?

A hymen you could'nt pop with a pitchfork. Wooo hoo like poking at a keyhole. I tried everything.. for months. Even teeth couldn't tear it. Eventually I recommended her to a specialist. They fell i... Read More »