Can a doctor give birth control to a teenager under the age of 15?

Answer A doctor can give birth control to a person under age 15. The age at which a doctor can write a prescription for birth control without the teenager's parents knowing or giving consent varies from s... Read More »

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If a parent cannot control a teenager can they give up custody of the teenager to the state?

So long as they are under the age of 18, then yes you can. But why would anyone want to put their own child into care! It may be a long hard road but there are plenty of organisations out there to ... Read More »

If you are a teenager and used birth control when you had sex why would your period be late?

Answer When you're a teenager your body and your periods are still adjusting and regulating itself, and usually it doesn't regulate itself until adulthood. It maybe a chemical thing, so if you're ... Read More »

Can my family doctor prescribe birth control pills?

Your family doctor is qualified to prescribe birth control pills, whether he performs your gynecological exams or not. However, the doctor may recommend or insist that you see an OB/GYN in the futu... Read More »

What of the name of a doctor who helps a paitent give birth?

The two more commonly used people to deliver a baby are: obstetrician and midwife. Both are trained in the delivery of babies, the approaches they use are different. Obstetricians are trained to de... Read More »