Can a dna test find out what kind of people you've had sex with?

Answer No, There is no way a test of your DNA could tell what people you have had sex with. DNA can test your child's paternity, your specific genetic makeup, but it does not keep a record of sexual partn... Read More »

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What kind of scholarships are available to people with geds?

There's a scholarship essay contest going on at Lafango: this helps!

What kind of problems can people have when they are born with feet deformities?

Getting married in Germany is possible for two people who are not residents or citizens. Contact a German embassy or consulate for the procedure. You should also each contact a marriage lawyer in t... Read More »

How can I find out what kind (the name/type) of cable comes with these headphones?

the 3.5 mm connector is the small one used to connect to most audio devices (iPod, Computer, etc.) The large one is 6.35mm which can connect to XLR or anything else.Both are technically called TRS... Read More »

What kind of self respecting woman would have sex with a male stripper in a room full of people?