Can a dislocated footbone pop back in place?

Answer it could have been a dislocation or a break that you popped back into place. I did the same with my hand during football and left it alone after, now later I have some soreness once in a while in i... Read More »

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How do I "pop" a dislocated shoulder back into it's socket?

OK, I am advising you that I am not a medical professional but I have done this several times before as I have crashed many ATV's. Have a strong buddie of yours hold the arm that is connected to t... Read More »

How to Get a Bully to Back off in the Work Place?

Learn to resist intimidation on the smaller issues. Apply them yourself to a remark that someone has made to you that has shut you down.

Where to Place Hot Stones on the Back for a Massage?

So you're ready to get a hot stone massage. You are in for a sensual and relaxing treat if you have put yourself in the right hands. Hot stone massage is an advanced technique that not all massage ... Read More »

Are you good at snapping your bones back in place?

Muscles are tight and pulling it out of it's socket. You can free up the muscles in your wrist which should get that to stop for you and here's how to free them up:Wrist:With hand resting in front... Read More »