Can a dishwasher be near a stove?

Answer can a dishwasher be next to a stove

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Can a stove be next to a dishwasher?

Can a dishwasher be next to a stove?

Yes there is nothing wrong with it, provided the stove is earthed properly

You want to sell used stove dishwasher etc?

One answer in not an inexpensive but you can purchase a central vacuum, install it in the garage and place your hose ports in your closets. the only noise you will here is the suction.

Can I run the dishwasher water lines behind a stove?

why would you wanna do that i , i dont think you should because i have a 6' kitchen and the gas/ plumbing locations are set by building regsalso I'm looking for some solid reasons by a plumber or ... Read More »