Can a dish receiver be used on a direct tv satellite?

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Can you connect a dish satellite to a direct tv receiver?

Hughes Satellite which is Directv. Directv no longer makes or uses Hughes, however Hughes receivers will still work with standard Directv.

Can you use your direct tv receiver to receive dish satellite tv signal?

No it does not. Technically, it never is 'off'. The two lines that come into the back of the DVR are both solid constant feeds coming in, and the DVR is constantly monitoring start times that are y... Read More »

Can you program a dish satellite remote to operate a direct tv receiver?

I need to know the same question. Works on all my other devices but not my HD DVR

How can you install an extra Direct TV receiver and satellite dish at a campsite and receive a good signal?

Answer Check the internet to see what's available for camping. I think you'll be amazed by all the stuff that's out there, just for the camper. Can it be done? Definitely. And it's not as expensiv... Read More »