Can a direct tv account work in different states?

Answer Absoutely!

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Are checking account numbers&direct deposit different?

A checking account number is assigned to your account. A routing number is the unique number associated with the bank. Direct deposit uses both of these numbers. The routing number directs money t... Read More »

Is it legal to have direct TV satellite dishes on two different homes and multiple receivers at each home but have them all billed to one account?

You are out of luck. Both Directt and Dish 's remote control have a very limited amount of programmable codes for "off-brands" of TVs. Especially those that are TV/DVD combos. You best bet is to bu... Read More »

How do I calculate the different tax rates on cigarettes from two different states?

Cigarettes are subject to taxes throughout the United States. The federal government imposes a tax on all cigarettes sold in the U.S. no matter where they are sold. How much each state charges in c... Read More »

I bought a direct tv dvr box at a wharehouse store I am canceling direct tv and going to cable will this box work to record shows once the cable is on or is this box worthless without direct?