Can a digital dvd player be used with an old tv?

Answer Yes, a DVD player can connect to older televisions. In order for it to work you will need to connect your DVD player's composite cables to an RF modulator, which will output the signal through the... Read More »

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Does a digital dvd player work with an analog tv?

In 2009, the United States joined the digital television transition movement, meaning only televisions equipped with digital turners could receive broadcasts. Analog televisions, or those utilizing... Read More »

Can a standard DVD player be used with a tv with high definition?

How to hook up a tv with only coax advd/video player, and a digital converter box?

You need an RF modulator that has bypass. Converter box RF out goes to RF modulator RF in, RF modulator RF out goes to TV RF in. A/V from DVD player goes to A/V in on the RF modulator. RF modulator... Read More »

Can cable splitters be used with a digital signal?

Yes, a cable splitter can be used with a digital-cable signal. However, each time a signal is split on a cable splitter, the signal's quality will deteriorate. This can be fixed with signal amplifi... Read More »