Can a digital TV receive analog signals?

Answer Yes if it has a NTSC Analog tuner and No a ATSC Digital Tuner will not receive NTSC Analog and vice versa.

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Can analog TV receive digital cable signals?

Analog television sets are incapable of directly receiving digital signals, whether they be over the air or delivered by cable. That said, a digital cable box will convert the signals so that they... Read More »

When will TV sets stop having the capability to receive analog signals?

All new HDTV's have a digital/QAM tuner..... Analog was discontinued some time ago. There are no more analog broadcasts in the US anyway.. All TV transmissions now in the US are in digital...(Other... Read More »

Analog vs digital signals?

I can explain the basic, someone else or can add technical details.An analog signal is a smooth, curved signal. The pattern can look like the surface of the waves on the ocean. As you... Read More »

Government Digital Vs. Analog TV Signals?

The transition from analog television broadcasting to all-digital broadcasting occurred in 2009, with extensive publicity and support from the U.S. government. Mandated by the Federal Communication... Read More »