Can a dietitian do lap band fills?

Answer A dietitian is unable to perform a Lap Band fill. Only a doctor is permitted to perform a Lap Band fill. There's only one exception. A registered nurse may perform it, but she must be under the dir... Read More »

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What are Lap-Band fills?

A hollow tube placed around a portion of the stomach, a Lap-Band can be inflated to make make the patient feel full and help to induce weight loss. What is a Lap-Band fill, and how is it done?Descr... Read More »

Can dietitians perform lap band fills?

Lap band fills are not completed by dietitians, but they must be done by a bariatric surgeon. Fills are usually performed in an exam room or radiology suite by the surgeon who completed the initial... Read More »

Who fills CO2 tanks?

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Role of a Dietitian?

Dietitians work in hospitals, nursing care facilities and physician and health practitioner offices, focusing on patients' health through diet and nutrition. Whether a patient wants to fight an ill... Read More »