Can a diesel motor run on cooking oil?

Answer A diesel motor can run on pure vegetable oil with some modifications to the fuel system that cost about $2,000, according to Biodiesel fuel, made by combining vegetable oil with alc... Read More »

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How to Make a Diesel Engine Run on Cooking Oil?

There are several ways to use cooking oil as a fuel in a diesel engine. Straight vegetable oil (SVO) can be used, but your engine must first be converted to use it. SVO is more viscous than petrole... Read More »

Who invented the diesel motor?

Rudolf Diesel is the creator of the diesel motor, according to the European Automotive Hall of Fame. Diesel, who was born in Paris and educated in Germany, invented the diesel motor in the 1890s.So... Read More »

Diesel Vs. Gasoline Motor Home?

The question of whether to buy a gas or diesel motor home is a one that most prospective buyers ask themselves at least once during the purchasing process. Both have pros and cons, and a little res... Read More »

How Do I Refine Motor Oil to Make Diesel?

The simplest explanation for how to extract diesel fuel from used motor oil is this: The oil must be heated to a point where the diesel is atomized into a steam, then the diesel steam must be conve... Read More »