Can a dentist prescribe medications in washington state?

Answer A dentist can prescribe and administer medications in Washington state and in the entire United States because dentists are a type of doctor. As doctors, they have prerequisite education and also h... Read More »

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Can a clinical psychologist prescribe medications?

Clinical psychologists generally do not prescribe medications, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Medical doctors or psychiatrists prescribe most medications. Louisiana and New Mexico do ... Read More »

Do clinical psychologists prescribe medications?

In 48 states, clinical psychologists are not allowed to prescribe medications, instead relying on physicians and psychiatrists to order medications. However, in Louisiana and New Mexico, clinical p... Read More »

Are there pediatric dentist that don't offer a cocktail of sedation medications?

If your daughter needs extensive work and she is very young, most all pediatric dentists will insist upon sedation of some sort. The drills being used are 150,000 RPM with diamond tipped burs that... Read More »

If you have sole custody in Washington State do you need permission to take the child out of state?

Either way, the other parent can file an injunction to stop it pending a hearing, so permission should be sought.