Can a date palm poison you?

Answer No. Fruit from a date palm is an extremely important nutrition source for the population in the Middle East. The date palm is revered there as a delicacy. It provides sugar, potassium, protein, fat... Read More »

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How to Prune a Date Fruit Palm?

Date palms (Phoenix dactylifera) can have between 120 and 180 fronds, each living between five to eight years. The fronds need no care as long as they are green and upright. Date palms are a low ma... Read More »

What are the uses of date palm?

The date palm was the staple of life in the oases of the Arabian Peninsula, especially around the 6th century AD. They ate the dates, used the trees for shade, built houses with the wood, made that... Read More »

How do I prune a pygmy date palm?

PruningPrune pygmy date palms periodically to maintain health and a desired appearance. Remove dead palm leaves with pruning shears, being careful to avoid the sharp thorns of surrounding healthy l... Read More »

Pygmy Date Palm Information?

Pygmy date palms (Rhoenix roebelenii) are dwarf palms that are commonly used throughout tropical climates as an ornamental tree. This member of the Arecaceae family is typically used in residential... Read More »