Can a cyst cause painful intercourse?

Answer On One Hand: Cysts and Painful IntercourseThe symptoms of an ovarian cyst include pain in the pelvic region during intercourse (dyspareunia), as well as around menstruation and during bowel movemen... Read More »

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Can a cyst cause breast cancer?

On One Hand: Most Cysts Are BenignGenerally speaking, most breast cysts do not cause and will not develop into breast cancer. Breast cysts are the most common cause of benign, or non-cancerous, br... Read More »

Can Brain cyst cause sundowning in infants?

You are describing nerve pain, he needs to see a Neurologist ASAP!

Can half way intercourse cause pregnancy?

Can previous ovarian cyst surgery cause low line placenta in pregnancy later?

Not unless there is significant scarring in the uterus. A low lying placenta is often found during the second trimester - as the uterus expands in the third trimester, the placenta will migrate hig... Read More »