Can a custodial parent with joint custody move out of New York state?

Answer Yes, as long as you have the other parents consent to do so and the approval of the court with jurisdiction over the case.

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Does the court ever change a ruling from joint custody to full custody for the custodial parent if the non-custodial parent gives up his visitation?

Answer Because it's almost always in a child's best interest to have a relationship with both parents, courts are generally reluctant to take away visitation rights. In some states, custody order... Read More »

If two parents have joint custody can a parent move out state with the kid without permission of the other parent?

At the age of 17 most people have picked who they live with.

Can a parent who shares joint custody move out of state if the other parent objects?

Answer Not without permission of the judge/court where the custodial order was issued.

If a parent has full custody of a child and lets him live with the non custodial parent can the custodial force him to move back with them?

Answer yes. once you get the child file for a modification of the final order (divorce, paternity, parental rights) whatever type of case it is. Don't be surprised if the other party changes their... Read More »