Can a custodial parent stop visitation in NY?

Answer Only with a court order.see link

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Can a custodial parent stop the non custodial parents visitation if they are behind on child support?

No. Visitation and child support are 2 separate issues and changing any of the court orders you have to go back to the court that issued them. There might be good reasons why a parent can not pay a... Read More »

16 year old teenager does not want to visit non-custodial parent during visitation what can custodial parent do?

Teach the child to respect the authority of the court. Teenagers do not want to be required to do anything with a parent. It's the job of the parent to remind them that family comes first.

Is the custodial parent responsible to pay for visitation travel expenses when non custodial parent lives out of state?

What are the rights of a custodial parent needing to move out of state when the non custodial parent has visitation?

AnswerI know this one from experience. It totally depends on 1. the state that you live in and its local laws and 2. the defining stipulations of your divorce decree. My ex has custody of our son a... Read More »