Can a croton be a houseplant?

Answer Croton plants are colorful shrub plants that can be grown indoors. Place your potted croton near a window; crotons enjoy warmth, but avoid direct sunlight, according to the Green Zone Life website.... Read More »

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How to Repot Croton?

Croton is a colorful evergreen shrub. Its foliage is thick and waxy green, with yellow accents. The plant is commonly grown as a house plant, and so needs to be repotted from time to time. Repottin... Read More »

Varieties of Croton?

Croton is a genus of flowering plants that are part of the Euphorbiaceae family, which is otherwise known as the spurge family. Crotons also are frequently referred to as rushfoils. This flowering ... Read More »

How do i trim a croton?

When to TrimTrim indoor crotons any time of year. Trim outdoor crotons in the spring at the start of new growth or in the fall.How to TrimTrim off the top stem to encourage the croton to branch. Us... Read More »

Croton Care & Propagation?

Croton plants are relatively hearty plants, but they grow optimally under specific environmental conditions. These plants are most widely found in warm to tropical climates and require little regul... Read More »