Can a creditor sue you while you are in a debt consolidation program?

Answer Credit counseling that involves debt consolidation does not guarantee that a creditor won't sue. However, a credit counseling service can go to bat for you. It can work out a satisfactory payment a... Read More »

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Is It Better to Pay Your Debt Off Through a Creditor?

Paying off a debt through the original creditor is usually a good idea but often is not possible. For example, the original creditor may refuse to accept payment for a delinquent account it has alr... Read More »

When Can a Creditor Sue You for a Debt They Just Bought?

A debt collector purchasing a debt can file a civil lawsuit to collect the entire balance owed. The timing depends on how soon the debt collector initially contacts the debtor, and whether the debt... Read More »

How long can a creditor hold a debt against you?

The statute of limitations on debt varies by state. Generally, a creditor or collector can pursue a debt up to six years after the last date of activity. Some states, however, may allow up to 15 ye... Read More »

Can a Creditor Freeze My Bank Account for Unsecured Debt?

It is possible to wake up one morning to find that someone emptied your bank account -- legally. Creditors can freeze your bank account, called a levy, for unsecured debt after winning a lawsuit. H... Read More »