Can a creditor find you through a credit report?

Answer According to the Federal Trade Commission, credit reports contain personal identification information such as your name, address, birth date and Social Security Number, which makes it easy for a cr... Read More »

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How do I add a creditor to a credit report?

Establish a new credit account with a desired creditor. Most major creditors report new accounts within 60 days of opening. If the account isn't reported on the credit report within six months, t... Read More »

How do I find someone's credit report?

Contact an AgencyContact a credit reporting agency. A credit reporting agency or credit bureau gathers credit information and sells it. Credit reports can be purchased by contacting companies such ... Read More »

How to Find Out What Accounts Are Open on a Credit Report?

Open credit accounts are those that are currently active, whether the open account is a credit card or a collection. Identifying open accounts allows you to see how many accounts are being heavily ... Read More »

Is It Better to Pay Your Debt Off Through a Creditor?

Paying off a debt through the original creditor is usually a good idea but often is not possible. For example, the original creditor may refuse to accept payment for a delinquent account it has alr... Read More »