Can a credit card company take you to court?

Answer According to Thistle Finance Group, a credit card company has the legal right to take you to court if you've failed to keep up with payments and ignored warning letters. Chances of this happening ... Read More »

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Can a credit card company decrease your credit line?

A credit card company can indeed reduce your credit limit or even cancel your card at anytime. This can happen even if you've never been late on a bill if the company decides that it is in its best... Read More »

Can I be summoned to court for credit card debt if I'm on disability& SSI?

If you are living on disability income, the creditor can take you to court, but cannot garnish your income from either disability or SSI. To avoid having a judgment on your credit record, tell your... Read More »

Do I need to show up when summoned to court for credit card debt if I am on SSI?

Even though creditors can't garnish your SSI checks or levy on your bank account that only has SSI deposits in it, the best course is to file a reply to any lawsuit. Eventually, you will have to fi... Read More »

Can a credit card company cancel my card?

Credit card companies reserve the right to cancel your card due to a number of reasons, such as inactivity, repeated late payments, defaulting on payments or negative information from a credit repo... Read More »