Can a credit card company sue a person?

Answer A credit card company can indeed sue a customer if he or she fails to pay the bills as agreed. If the credit card company (or a collection agency that purchased the delinquent account) prevails in ... Read More »

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Can a credit card company decrease your credit line?

A credit card company can indeed reduce your credit limit or even cancel your card at anytime. This can happen even if you've never been late on a bill if the company decides that it is in its best... Read More »

Can a credit card company cancel my card?

Credit card companies reserve the right to cancel your card due to a number of reasons, such as inactivity, repeated late payments, defaulting on payments or negative information from a credit repo... Read More »

What can a credit card company do?

Even if you pay your credit card bills on time, a credit card company can take actions that impact your ability to use the account. If you fail to pay your account on time, creditors can take addit... Read More »

Who is the largest credit card company?

The world's largest credit card issuer is Visa International, Inc., more commonly referred to as Visa. Visa cards are issued and used worldwide; Visa also has many types of specialty-store credit c... Read More »