Can a credit card company force a foreclosure on your property in pennsylvania?

Answer According to and an attorney at, a credit card company cannot force a person to have his home foreclosed upon in order to pay off credit card debt. This cannot happen in Pennsylv... Read More »

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Can a credit card company garnish your wages in Pennsylvania?

Wage garnishment is only permitted under certain circumstances in Pennsylvania, such as to obtain payment for back taxes or child support. A credit card company may sue a Pennsylvania resident, but... Read More »

Can a credit card company decrease your credit line?

A credit card company can indeed reduce your credit limit or even cancel your card at anytime. This can happen even if you've never been late on a bill if the company decides that it is in its best... Read More »

Does Credit Card Debt Expire in Pennsylvania?

Credit card issuers extend a credit line, which you can spend with any retailers and service companies that accept your particular credit card brand, like MasterCard or Visa. By accepting the card,... Read More »

What is the credit card debt statute of limitations in Pennsylvania?

The credit card statute of limitations, which is the amount of time a creditor has to sue a debtor for nonpayment, is four years in the state of Pennsylvania. This limitation is a part of state sta... Read More »