Can a cracked lcd tv screen be repaired?

Answer Regina Lewis, AOL's consumer adviser, reports that an LCD screen can be repaired. A repair shop would have to order the screen, allocating that cost to you. You'd also need to pay the costs of labo... Read More »

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Can cracked lcd tv screen be repaired?

i think sojust google lcd screen repair

Can a cracked laptop screen be repaired?

While a cracked laptop screen cannot be repaired, it is possible to remove the screen and replace it. Take out the battery and disconnect the power brick. Remove the screws to pull the screen away.... Read More »

Can a cracked gunite pool be repaired?

Gunite swimming pools are prone to cracking due to shifting soil or improper construction. A cracked gunite pool is often repairable by re-plastering. A large crack may require additional repairs f... Read More »

Can my flat screen tv screen be repaired?

Yes, but the repair might cost more than the TV is worth.