Can a couple get a divorce&then live together as common law?

Answer Not all states recognize common law marriage. In the states that do, divorced couples may be common-law married providing they live together, consider themselves married and hold themselves out tha... Read More »

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What "Odd Couple" would you like to see together?

Well's 'bout you an' ol' Granny here!? We shore would make a purty pair! ****flutters lashes at you****

The Disadvantages of a Divorced Couple Living Together in California?

Divorced couples living together in California may find they no longer enjoy the same rights they once shared as married couples. The state of California affords certain privileges to married coupl... Read More »

What do you buy as an engagement gift for a couple that already lives together?

Although kind of you, it isn't necessary to give a gift for an engagement, but I have the answer for you. After reading through all the suggestions, make them a themed gift basket filled with thing... Read More »

Can you choose which parent you want to live with at the age of 15 if your parents are not divoriced but do not live together?

Under these circumstances, where no orders are in place, the parents are considered to have joint physical custody. Though the child has not clear choice that is enforced by the laws, they do have ... Read More »