Can a couple get a divorce&then live together as common law?

Answer Not all states recognize common law marriage. In the states that do, divorced couples may be common-law married providing they live together, consider themselves married and hold themselves out tha... Read More »

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How to Live As a Multiracial Couple?

Colours and Senses that affect the World in a Beautiful Way!

Can a couple live at the same residence while filing for a divorce?

A man and a woman can live in the same house while filing for divorce and have equal rights to the property. Even if only one spouse owns the house, filing for divorce does not give the owner the l... Read More »

What was the ABC Family show a couple years ago where the boys new friend killed the boy that used to live in his housethe boy just moved there with his mom and step dad?

Would a couple be able to adopt if the wife has epilepsy that is controlled by medication and the couple has a decent income and own their own home?

Answer There is a high possibility and it's worth seeking out, but also there are lawyers that will help you adopt if all else fails. You can also adopt from other countries, but China is very ha... Read More »