Can a couple, both being aids, and hiv free, get these diseases without any other human contact?

Answer No, they can't. Unless you count infection through infected needles or something like that.Scientists have found a simian version of immunodeficiency virus, in chimpanzees, which probably mutated ... Read More »

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Which of these diseases would you consider to be endemic- SARS, AIDS, Flu, Influenza or Cancer?

all of the above could an endemic cases .

How can we further educate young people in order to prevent diseases like AIDS?

The way to prevent AIDS is to deconstruct the definition. In the Canada about 30 different diseases in combination with a positive HIV antibody test are classified as AIDS. In the United States, si... Read More »

Is AIDS spread through heterosexual contact?

In its last stage, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection causes AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). People transmit HIV through blood-to-blood contact, during pregnancy or while nursi... Read More »

What are three human diseases caused by a virus?

Diseases Caused by Virus To HumanDiseaseCausal AgentOrgans AffectedTransmission / VectorInfluenzaRNARespiratory TractDropletsAdenovirus InfectionsDNALungs, EyesDroplets, Contact DropletsRespiratory... Read More »