Can a cough drop affect a bac level?

Answer On One Hand: Substance InterferenceThere is a defense in states for substance interference during a blood alcohol content test. This could be caused by medicines like cough drops. Disclosure should... Read More »

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Can you take a cough drop if youre taking benadryl at night to go to sleep?

Go for it.............. cough drops are harmless. It's the NYQUIL liquid stuff ya have to watch the alcohol content if you're mixing it with other medications. I also have wicked allergies, ... Read More »

Does cold or cough during the 6th month of pregnancy affect the child?

Answer No, minor illnesses don't affect the baby. If you have the flu though make sure you keep your temeperature down (acetaminophen - paracetamol - is best) and if you are worried talk to your ... Read More »

Why does water taste super cold after eating a mint, cough drop, or brushing your teeth?

How to Beat the Drop Ship Level in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2?

OK so you buy this game, you play it, than after a few minutes you get to this level where you have to use a battle bynip's battle mortars to shoot a group of flying ships and annoying zapping robo... Read More »