Can a cosigner be sued for early termination of lease?

Answer Absolutely.

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How to Mitigate Damages from a Residential Lease Early Termination?

A party who is damaged as the result of a breach of contract is generally required to mitigate, or lessen, their damages before filing a lawsuit to recover from the breaching party. Many states now... Read More »

Is death a voluntary lease termination for an auto lease?

In general, auto dealers consider anything, even death, as voluntarily terminating an auto lease, according to Bank Rate. Some dealers may renegotiate in this situation, but any leases are typicall... Read More »

Can You Get Sued for Breaking a Lease?

Breaking a lease will likely have consequences, but the extent of consequences depends largely on your landlord. Because ending a lease early is breach of contract, this move can negatively affect ... Read More »

Can I Be Sued for Breaking a Lease Because I Lost My Job?

When you lose your job, sometimes you lose more than just your employment; you may lose everything that job helped pay for. Among the many obligations that you might be unable to meet in the event ... Read More »