Can a coop board sell your apt for lack of maintenance payment?

Answer Read the documents you signed when you purchased your unit. If you agreed to pay your maintenance payment and have not made it, you have failed to keep your agreement.Further, read in the documents... Read More »

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Is it legal for our condo board president order the property mgr to close a bank account on which the board treasurer had issued a cheque for payment which the president did not want paid?

The aggrieved party who may have a legal question is the payee named on the check. The conduct of the board -- by this example, carrying on a disagreement with counter-productive and rather public... Read More »

Filing a lien for non payment of maintenance in a condo complex in NJ?

Read your governing documents where you can find the process described. It's a good idea to use the association's condominium-savvy attorney to construct and file the lien.

Can wage garnishment be applied for delinquent maintenance payment for condominium owners?

Read your governing documents to determine the steps the board takes in order to recover the debt from an owner who does not pay association assessments. Your association attorney can best advise you.

What can one do when condominium board is not providing maintenance of the total grounds only certain areas?

Assuming that 'one' is an owner of a condominium unit, one can approach the board with a written request to expand the maintenance tasks to include the grounds not currently being maintained.In pre... Read More »