Can a convicted felon work for the U.S. Post Office?

Answer According to, the United States Postal Service acknowledges that many people with criminal records have demonstrated successful rehabilitation and are capable of performing postal jobs. Ho... Read More »

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How do i find out what a convicted felon was convicted of?

State RecordsDetermine the state in which the criminal conviction occurred. Gather the subject's name, including middle initial, and date of birth to ensure you have identified the correct subject.... Read More »

Can a convicted felon own nightclub?

No state is given, however, if the ownership of the club involves possessing an ABC license, highly doubtful.

Can a convicted felon enlist in the army?

A convicted felon can enlist in the Army as well as the Marine Corps. Recruits convicted of felonies such as burglary, assault, terrorist threats and drug possession are allowed to enlist in both o... Read More »

Can a convicted felon be accepted in the Marines?

The Marines do accept convicted felons. The process is harder, and in order to be accepted you will have to get a felony waiver from the government. But the Marines have been handing out waivers in... Read More »