Can a convicted felon join the Marines?

Answer Yes, a convicted felon can join the Marines if he receives a waiver. People with prior crimes for assault, burglary and illegal drug offenses can receive a waiver that allows them to join the Mari... Read More »

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Can a convicted felon be accepted in the Marines?

The Marines do accept convicted felons. The process is harder, and in order to be accepted you will have to get a felony waiver from the government. But the Marines have been handing out waivers in... Read More »

Can a convicted felon join the mililtary?

It's POSSIBLE but you would have to speak frankly to the recruiter about it. POSSIBLY, if it was a non-violent felony but only by disclosing the whole story will you be able to find out. DO NOT try... Read More »

Can a convicted felon join the secret service?

Can a convicted felon join the National Guard?

No. It would be highly unusual for this to occur. That being said, there are cybercriminals, who have been rehabilitated, now working for the military (debugging computers, programming code, and th... Read More »