Can a convex chrome magnify?

Answer Convex chrome, which is chrome that pushes out towards the viewer, does not magnify, but will only shrink an image while making it appear closer, according to the University of Buffalo Physics depa... Read More »

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How do convex lenses magnify?

A convex lens is thicker in the middle than the outer edges. This difference in thickness causes light to react differently as it passes through different points of the lens.RefractionDepending on ... Read More »

Can a convex mirror magnify reflected sunlight and burn?

A convex mirror bulges outward like the giant glass ball in the accompanying picture. Convex mirrors scatter light rather than concentrate it, so they make objects appear reduced in size. Unlike a ... Read More »

Which Levels in Angry Birds (Google Chrome) Have the Chrome Ball to unlock the Google Chrome Levels?

Levels (0 based)1-16 (15)1-18 (17)1-20 (19)2-4 (24)2-20 (40)3-7 (48)3-14 (55)

How to Magnify Small Bugs?

The details of a small bug are hard to see without magnifying it. Choose your magnification method based on the length of time you will be observing the bug. If you want to study the small bug for ... Read More »