Contact stuck behind eye...?

Answer Your contact lens cannot get behind your eye, the whole front is sealed by skin so there is nowhere for it to go.There is sometimes room under the top eyelid for a lens to get stuck, particularly i... Read More »

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How do you get a contact out from "behind your eye"?

Stay calm. That's #1Feel where it is with a finger over top of the closed lid. Once you have the location then see if you can push it with the eye still closed into the open; open the eye and "look... Read More »

Can contact lenses fall behind your eyeball?

NO. . Absolutely NOT.There is no opening for the contact to reach the back of the eye. The biggest problem that contact wearers face is getting the contact lens up under their eyelid,not being ab... Read More »

Is it possible for a contact to roll behind your eye URGENT HELP PLEASE?

It can move up on top but it doesn't get lost in your head or anything. Try gently pulling up your lid while looking in the mirror and see if you can see it. If it's a hard lense, it's probably suc... Read More »

How to Get Contact Lenses Behind Your Parents' Back if They Won't Let You Have Them?

Okay, maybe you're sick of your glasses. Maybe you don't like the way you look in them, or you get harassed a lot because of them. You want contacts, but your parents won't let you get them, for so... Read More »