Can a conductivity meter be used for measuring the resistivity of water?

Answer Yes. The conductivity of water (its ability to conduct electricity) and its resistivity (its opposition to the flow of electric current), depends on pH, temperature and carbon dioxide content. You ... Read More »

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What is a conductivity meter used for?

A conductivity meter is used to measure how well a solution conducts electricity in units of siemens. Since conductivity depends on the temperature of a solution and the distance between two electr... Read More »

What does a conductivity meter measure?

A conductivity meter measures how well a solution can conduct electricity. Conductivity is affected by the distance between the meter's electrodes and the temperature of the solution. The meter exp... Read More »

What is the thermal conductivity of water?

Thermal conductivity is a term that is used in physics to describe how much heat is transmitted by a substance. The thermal conductivity for water ranges from 45 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.S... Read More »

Water Measuring Tools?

If available in a large enough quantity, water can wear down rocks, cut through foundations and destroy the stability of a working area. Conversely, a nearby fresh water source can be a boon to a c... Read More »