Can a condominium board deny your right to sell your condo and buy it themselves?

Answer AnswerYes. It is common for a Master Deed or Trust of a condominium to reserve the right of first refusal when any owner decides to sell their unit. That means the board must be given first priorit... Read More »

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If your condo manager will not approve or install mailboxes to receive US mail at your condominium What do you do?

Speak with the local US postal service and concider renting a post box at the nearest post office.

Can a condominium put a lien in your condo?

Yes, a condominium can put a lien on your condo. The condominium depends on your payments to keep up the common areas. As a result, it has the right to collect its fees plus interest when you sell ... Read More »

Can you be forced to sell your condo because of your dog?

Between your question and your clarification in the Discussion area, it's clear that there are differences of opinion and apparent differences of fact involved in your situation. You may be at the... Read More »

Should a condo board furnish copies of bids for a landscape company and doesn't the Board have the right to final selection?

As an owner -- one can presume that the questioner is an owner -- you may or may not automatically be entitled to see copies of bids from potential vendors. Review your governing documents to deter... Read More »