Can a condominium association write off assessments that were unpaid?

Answer Depending on the status of the unpaid assessments, you may need or want to write them off as bad debt.If collection efforts are ongoing to recover the debt, I would not write them off, but as a con... Read More »

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How do you file a lien for unpaid condominium assessments?

Your governing documents specify the process the board must follow in order to collect unpaid condominium assessments by filing a lien.In some states and counties, assessments automatically become ... Read More »

How does a MN condo association file a lien to collect unpaid assessments?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not assessments are automatic liens.Best practices indicate that you need to work with your association's attorney to file the necessary paperw... Read More »

What is the legal effect of a lien placed on your unit for unpaid condominium assessments?

You will find the best answer in your governing documents.In some governing documents, a lien for unpaid assessments is automatic, and the association must file a lien document to formalize the deb... Read More »

Who should the unit owner's association contact to file a property lien against a unit owner who owes unpaid assessments?

Your association's attorney can help you read your governing documents to follow the process required before filing a lien on a unit title. Or you can read your governing documents to determine wha... Read More »